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The Man Behind the Curtain...

My name is TJ Griffin, and I am the unluckiest, lucky son of a gun you'll ever meet! 

On October 19, 1990, my senior year in high school, I broke my neck in a football game, leaving me a quadriplegic. 

After this massive turning point, I have experienced some of the craziest life events. Beyond getting paralyzed at 18, I was saved from a burning van 5 seconds before it blew up. I was called to share how I HAD to be adaptable in my life, and began work as a National Peer Mentor Coordinator with the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. 

The van TJ was pulled out of before it exploded

Just because you've been through it, doesn't mean you can't overcome it

TJ highschool photo

Performing at over 70 events, where I spoke to schools and organizations, I was able to share my process and what I have done in my 32 years of being injured. Talking about my life experiences, my use of a positive attitude, setting goals I could accomplish, and developing a strong support system to regain my "Wheel-to-Live". 

My drive is outlined by the opportunities I am given to speak to children or adults that are going through adaptive and massive changes in their lives. My change was dramatic and hit me like a load of bricks, but that only gives me the knowledge to guide YOU to your truest self. 

TJ and his friends and family dressed up for a wedding
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