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Adapting to Life's Challenges

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TJ wearing a shirt that says I believe in hope. I believe in believe. said by Ted Lasso

"After seeing TJ speak, one can see his undeniable determination, positive attitude, and passion for life. TJ is empowering to all students who hear him speak!" 

Andy Cargile

Former Trinity Principal

& Current HEB School Board Member

Meet TJ Griffin

TJ Griffin is the unluckiest lucky son of a gun you'll ever meet. On October 19, 1990, his senior year of high school, he broke his neck in a football game leaving him a quadriplegic. Through many following life events, TJ adapted to his environment and was called to share not only his story, but how he overcame and adapted to his new beginning. 

As a motivational speaker, TJ Griffin has expertly spoken to schools and organizations over the last 32 years of being injured. Talking about his life experiences, the advantage of a positive attitude, setting proper goals, and developing a strong support system, TJ has touched and improved the lives of everyone around him. 

TJ's Videos

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All Videos

All Videos
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Wheel2Live - Live Speech pt.1
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Wheel2Live - Live Speech pt.1

TJ Driving Far!
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TJ Driving Far!

Wheel2Live - Live Speech pt. 3
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Wheel2Live - Live Speech pt. 3

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Wheel2Live - Live Speech pt. 2

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Wheel2Live - Speaking at Schools

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Wheel2Live - Speaking at School pt. 5


"TJ Griffin presented at our high school in two large setting assemblies. He has a great story to tell and is so personable and relatable in the way he connects with the audience. the students were hanging on his words, asked lots of questions afterward (which he gladly stuck around to answer), and they talked about his message for the rest of the year. He made a genuine impact on our students. He is a real gift"

Wes Upton

Head Counselor - Keller High School

"TJ came to our retired teachers organization last year and inspired us to overcome obstacles and to think positive. He has been through many traumatic situations and has such a dynamic attitude after each episode. Most of us remember when his accident happened and we had a big crowd that day to come hear him speak. 

Bennie Gilliam

Head of the Retired - Grapevine Colleyville School Teacher Assoc.

"Every time I hear TJ speak, I am so encouraged by his uplifiting and positive attitude. After Suffering a life altering accident, he is someone who has chosen to help others get through it. He is a wonderful example of looking for the good things in life. A good lesson for us all." 

Kathy Dirmeier

Former Teacher (35 years) - Grapevine Colleyville ISD

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TJ and his mom in front of Hamilton composed by Richard Rodgers in New York

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